Dear clients, owners and real estate brokers

We are looking for properties with the following characteristics for our clients, contact us to do business together:


- We seekproperties that are generating income,corporate properties with good tenants. We have customers actively looking. 

-Warehouse  for  rental,for customer transnational,your requirement is:

Warehouse in an industrial and/or commercial area, for food distribution centers, with loading and unloading platforms, a large parking lot from 2000m2 to 2500m2 in the Coyol de Alajuela area, open warehouse space with a minimum of 6 m of high, preferably safely. 

- Warehouses for sale for distribution for sale from 2500 to 4000m2 for purchase in the Alajuela area, Heredia preferably.

- Land, premises or warehouse for sale:located on the main street of Pavas, from Teletica channel 7 to Palí, 500m2 on one level with three-phase electricity in front of the property

- Commercial land:from 1800 to 4000m2 for the construction of supermarket-type premises. Several points of interest areas for transnational clients that we advise exclusively.

-Land from 2.5 to 3hafor the construction of a distribution warehouse of 12,000 to 15,000 m2 of roof for the distribution of groceries.

- We are looking for properties located preferably in the GAM, industrial and corporate properties, with an investment range of$800,000 to $2,500,000

If you have any property that you want to propose to us for any of these requirements, please contact us at 8727-2424/ 8838-3416 /
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