Office building in Rohrmoser

Office building with all nearby services and in one of the best located areas of the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM), in the western area of San José, in an area characterized by extensive real estate development and where many of the office centers are concentrated of high prestige offices in the country in the western area of San José, Rohrmoser Nunciatura.

Office building to be built, aimed at high-level companies and entrepreneurs who seek to be in a prestigious building with beautiful finishes, with a high corporate image for its modern design, which has all the technological and architectural facilities of an Office building contemporary.

Building will be fully equipped at a technological level, electric generator in the basement, parking in the side tower, commercial area on its first 2 levels.

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Building with 4500m2 of leasable office space. On 7 office floors and 2 commercial levels  with parking in the side tower.

Offices will be offered in gray and the building in its common areas will be completely ready with beautiful finishes.

Office building located in an area of high demand and currently little supply of offices, surrounded by corporations, administrative offices, service centers and shopping centers and important residential developments that give life to the area that is and will continue to be one of the best areas for live from San José. In other words, in a really privileged location Nunciature, Rohrmoser.

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