Industrial Commercial Property

Warehouse building located in Pavas in an industrial corporate zone, located in front of a street with high vehicular traffic and good commercial exposure.

Area with easy access to services in the Pavas and Escazú area, within a complex with security and maintenance of shared common areas.

With front parking and in the same complex.

It has solar panels.

Backup power plant.

Areas have excellent  illumination.

Total available area of 535.00m2.

Two-storey building, with a nice facade .

Finished ready to operate.

It has 8 parking spaces included.

Building with several spaces such as:  

  • Kitchen

  • Bathrooms

  • Meeting rooms

  • Executive and management offices.

Monthly rental price of $ 6,920.00 + VAT  

Fachada de edificio
Entrada principal al edificio
Oficina interna
Sala de reuniones
Escaleras principales
Oficina interna
Oficina interna en segundo nivel
Oficina interna en segundo nivel
Segundo nivel

Office building

Parqueo junto al Showroom


Total available area of 254.00m2.

With frontal and internal parking to the premises.

It is currently an open space

It will be delivered with a remodeling on its facade that will be in windows.

Brand new space on the street with high exposure to the public of Pavas and the corporate area.

Monthly rental price of $ 4,572.00 + VAT

Total warehouse area.

Total available area of 391.00m2.

It has 6 parking spaces included.

Open cellar space with a bath tub on one side.

It has a closed warehouse of approximately 40m2.

Excellent ventilation because it has an open wall where fresh air enters.

Level gate, without loading dock.


Monthly rental price of $ 2,737.00 + VAT

Bodega actual
Bodega actual
Bodega actual
Bodega cerrada dentro de bodega actual
Parqueo de la propiedad